In His Presence

In His Presence In His Presence - A collection of Sermons from across the world! If you are looking for a word from the Lord, tune in and be blessed with inspired messages and gospel melodies from churches around the world. We hear you Lord!

peaceful waters

Hosted by: Minister Evelyn Arrington – Yes, how my soul has wandered for you Lord.  It bears the weight of many trials. Yet the fire within me consumes each weight and melts them into pure gold, liquefied, running through my veins and pouring out of my soul; the depth of which bears the intensity ofthe need to breathe to sustain life.  So must I breathe, so must I release that which flows through my veins. Hear me oh Lord, so that the perplexity of my life which works against my body may yield good fruits all to your glory.

Each Sunday we have the pleasure of bringing to you ministers from churches across the nation. We are featuring sermons from The Church of Ephesus, United Methodist Church, South Park Baptist, 5th Ward Missionary Baptist Church, and a host of others (including popular sermons from the late great Pastors around the world). Featured are: